Socially responsible business

Being one of the regional leaders in agricultural industry Elixir Group is devoted to socially responsible business in all areas of its business activities – from the cooperation with primary agricultural sector, over processing and production, to providing developmental support to local communities in which it operates. Elixir Group is recognized not only as a significant business subject, but also as an organization which behaves in a socially responsible manner to its employees, business partners and social community, whereas preserving the environment is viewed as an unavoidable part of the production cycle.

Our goal is protection of people, goods and the environment, humane work environment and responsible business, and our assets are innovations and investments.

Elixir Group participates in promotions of socially important projects, connects economy and society, encourages solidarity and communal spirit and creates partner-like relationships so as to ensure a better future for the society and the community. Our activities are directed to providing help to endangered categories of population, supporting professional and child sports, promoting a healthy way of life, supporting scientific research activities and cultural institutions and to strengthening partner-like relations with the local and regional communities in which we do business.