Elixir Zorka’s business tradition, as well as its future, is based on the selection and engagement of highly professional, moral and ethical personnel, as well as their continuous professional development. The team of experts, with enviable experience and talent, has been even further improved by the motivation and education they have received at the Company. Knowledge, expertise and skills are improved upon through carefully selected trainings and educational programs.

Our goal is to attract the best people and to develop their abilities to the fullest. This is the only way to build an organization that will be capable of facing future challenges and a dynamic environment.

Our human resources policy is based on the principle of equal opportunities for all candidates, where a candidate’s engagement is based exclusively on his/her qualifications and competences, as well as on his/her work results, excluding any form of discrimination.

In an extremely dynamic work environment based on defined business and ethical standards for both work and behavior, our basic values are teamwork, mutual respect and knowledge appreciation, experience and diversity, employee motivation, as well as a synergy of individual potentials with interests of all companies within our business system.