Environmental protection

Elixir Prahovo is committed to the concept of sustainable development in many areas of its business. This means, that apart from economic parameters, social, cultural and environmental aspects should be included in the decision making process, especially when we are talking about long-term effects on the environment.

Environmental protection is a complex, systematic problem, and when designing industrial operations and processes in Elixir Prahovo, we are trying to implement systematic solutions to the problems of environmental pollution.

Protecting the environment is a daily commitment of all employees in Elixir Prahovo.

Environmental protection policy in Elixir Prahovo implies:

  • Respecting valid legal regulations in the area of environmental protection,
  • Monitoring, measuring, reducing and preventing the release of contaminants into the environment, whether in air, water or soil;
  • Replacement of natural non-renewable raw materials and fuels with renewable ones, whenever it is possible in accordance with standards, laws and postulates of eco-industrial symbiosis;
  • Improving waste flow management, both hazardous and non-hazardous with a special emphasis on reduction of waste generation;
  • Respecting the “Waste management policy in Elixir-u Prahovo” which defines internal rules not stipulated by legal regulations;
  • Taking into consideration opinions and suggestions of the public and local community as well as providing information to the same regarding production activities;
  • Attempting to make the company environmental policy be transparent for all employees and interested parties;
  • Encouraging employees to contribute with their own commitment to environmental protection;
  • Liability of business partners to respect the rules and standards regarding environmental protection.