Phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid is a strategic product of Elixir Prahovo. The possibility of independent control of composition of phosphoric acid as the main raw material component makes the key to success of Elixir Prahovo and defines the company’s development towards further phosphoric acid treatment into salts of feed, or technical and food quality.

Phosphoric acid has been produced in IHP Prahovo since 1978 in the dihydrate procedure of the French company “Rhone – Poulenc”. Raw phosphates (calcium fluorapatite) are dissolved by concentrated sulphuric acid on whereby phosphoric acid is produced with 30% P2O5 and calcium sulphate dihydrate (CaSO4*2H20).

After the process of desaturation and decantation the produced 30% acid is concentrated in vacuum evaporation process, until it reaches the quality of max. 54% P2O5. Phosphoric acid is a tribasic acid of oily coexistence, the colour of which varies from light green to brown depending on the type of phosphates, and the same is mixed with water in all ratios.