About the Company

Elixir Prahovo is situated on the border of Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, on the bank of the Danube River. IHP Prahovo was founded in 1960, first as a superphosphate plant and later different granulates were also introduced. The founder was the Mining Smelter Basin Bor (RTB Bor), which to solve the problem of sulfuric acid neutralization, built a plant that will turn this ecological and financial problem into a fertilizer.

In August 2012, Elixir Group privatized IHP Prahovo, with the necessary investments in the reconstruction of production and storage capacities to ensure the launch of phosphoric acid production and phosphor-based products.

Investing in phosphoric acid production capacities is an important stage in the development of the company Elixir Prahovo and it is positioned on the map of respectable companies in the field of chemical industry.
Elixir Prahovo once again takes the lead in the production of phosphoric acid and mineral fertilizers, and investment plans for the next period are very ambitious.

The ability to independently control the composition of phosphoric acid as a basic raw material component is the key to the success of Elixir Prahovo and defines the development of the company in the direction of further purification of phosphoric acid in feed salt, technical and food quality.

With significant investments in the revitalization of the former giant, Elixir Group provides a strategically important raw material – phosphoric acid, as well as an increase in the total production capacity of NPK fertilizers.

Today, Elixir Prahovo produces 165,000 tons of phosphoric acid annually.

At the beginning of 2017, a new plant for the production of mineral fertilizers of NPK started, with an annual capacity of 300.000 tons.