Technologies and standards

Elixir Prahovo, once again takes over the primacy in the production of phosphoric acid and mineral fertilizers, with exceptional development potential in the higher phases of phosphor component processing.

With investments of a total of EUR 21 million in the revitalization of a former giant, Elixir Group provides a strategically important raw material – phosphoric acid, as well as an increase in the total production capacity of NPK fertilizers.

The technological line of production process in IHP Prahovo consists of two basic parts: Phosphoric acid and mineral fertilizers.

According to the technology of the RHONE POULENC company, phosphoric acid is produced in Elixir Prahovo. According to this technology, the production of phosphoric acid takes place according to the dihydrate process, ie, decomposition of crude phosphate with sulfuric acid, whereby phosphoric acid and calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum) are formed.

The factory for the production of complex mineral NPK fertilizers has been operating since 1968. The construction of the plant is based on PECHINEV SAINT GOBAIN and KREBS engineering. Later, the reconstruction of the facilities under the license of French gimie GESA and KREBS engineering was carried out, with pipe reactors installed. 

Installed pipe reactors enabled:

increased capacity, improvement of  the physical and chemical quality of the product, changing the formula in a short time, production of  the formulation of NPK fertilizers depending on the type of soil and cultivated plant culture, energy savings, increase of the utilization of raw materials, reducing maintenance costs, improvement of the working environment.

At the beginning of 2017, a new plant for the production of mineral fertilizers of NPK started, with an annual capacity of 300,000 tons.