Mineral fertilizers

The production of mineral fertilizers started in 1960 with the production of a single phosphoric fertilizer – superphosphate. Today, the factory has the potential to produce over 60 different combinations that are the results of scientific achievements in industry and agricultural production. By the beginning of 2017, a new plant for production of mineral fertilizers with the annual capacity of 300,000 tons was put in operation. The production of mineral fertilizers in Elixir Prahovo is based on the latest technological processes, which means that it is possible to produce at customer’s requests mineral fertilizers for the fertilization of any crop culture cultivated on any soil type, based on the soil fertility control.

The production of mineral fertilizers includes various the highest quality formulations of complex mineral fertilizers with a high concentration of nutrients, very uniform granulation and high-water solubility in soil.

These mineral fertilizers fully satisfy the needs of crop cultures for all the elements regardless the specific characteristics of crops or differences in soil quality.

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