Elixir Prahovo

Elixir Prahovo is located on the junction of three borders, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, on the very bank of the Danube.

  1. Foundation of IHP Prahovo


    IHP Prahovo was founded in 1960 as a factory for the production of superphosphates and then for the production of chemical products..

  2. Beginning of the second developmental stage


    The base of the technological process was made, according to the technology of the company Rhône-Poulenc. The following factories were built: phosphoric acid plant – with the capacity of 100.000 t P2O5 NPK fertilizers plant, with the capacity of 100.000 t of NPK and sodium triphosphate plant with the capacity of 20.000 t.

  3. The third developmental stage


    The following factories were built and the third phase of construction is completed: Phosphoric acid plant II: 180.000 t P2O5; sulphuric acid: 450.000 t; STPP: 80.000 t; MAP: 130.000 t; AlF3: 5.000 t.

  4. Increase in plant development stage III


    Tube reactor was built in, which increased the capacity of the plant to 220.000 t/a.

  5. The new factory of detergents


    On the basis of STPP, the factory for the production of powder detergents with the capacity of 7.000 t/a was built.

  6. IHP Prahovo reaches the nadir


    IHP Prahovo reached its peak when the factory was working at 75-100% capacity with 4.500 employees.

  7. Getting started with small programs


    Plants for the production of household chemicals, industrial detergents, soap powder, DBS paste, water glass and sipralon were put into operation. In the course of the 1990s small scale production programs were also produced: anti-corrosion agents, urea phosphate and liquid fertilizers.

  8. Increasing the capacity of the factory detergents


    The factory for the production of pesticides with the capacity of 2.000 t/a was built.The capacity of the production of powder detergents was increased to 20.000 t/a.

  9. Collapse of the chemical industry which existed until then


    Then SRJ introduced to international economic sanctions that lead to interruptions in production , the devastation of the existing production facilities and the deterioration of the former giant of chemical industry.

  10. Commissioning of the factory aluminum


    The factory for the production of aluminum sulfate with the capacity of 14.000 t/a was put into operation.

  11. IHP Prahovo was privatized by Elixir Group


    IHP Prahovo was privatized by Elixir Group. After property acquisition and initial investment in total amount of EUR 9 mil into the reparation of existing and purchase of new equipment, conditions were created for restarting the production. In the same year 50.000 tons of various products were produced.

  12. Repair and installation of new equipment


    Parallel with the continuation of investments in total amount of additional EUR 5 mil, Elixir Prahovo produced 60.000 t of various products.